I Will Not Tell You My Name By Avinash Ranjan Gupta

“We are hired because of our quality but we are fired because of our behavior.” In any organisation specially, in private one where quality and quantity are given much priority, descent behaviour has the same ratio of importance there.
These days, behavioural issue are highly noticeable everywhere. Almost all organisation whether it is private or Government many steps are being taken to streamline behavioural issue. So let’s find out the reasons behind this issue. And for me the answer of this issue is as easy as ABCD or Sunday Monday. Dear reader we all are human being and we need respect and avoid criticism. These two things are the core features of problems. To gain attention we do such activities, which later leads to criticism. So, to avoid all these unwanted things we must behave with  our colleague just like a shopkeeper  behaves with their valuable customer.  It does not make any difference to any one if you show an artificial behaviour to them. In these days tell me what is not artificial. So, what is going wrong if my attitude be like that? Let them sense my artificial behaviour, I do not care for that.  Day by day they will become habituated of it. In top class hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, all the staffs right from gatekeeper to manager are the symbol of artificiality. We know it, infect, we know it very well that they are showing us an artificial behavior, even though we like it.
So, why not we follow such behavior in our own organisation? I am telling you all these things because I am also one of you guys. I am also an employee of a private organization. In the beginning of my career, I was not ready to compromise with my principles. I was not ready to abide by the rules and regulations of the company. But with the passage of time, I realised that , my principles are no more acceptable by my own family. So, the others remain very far away. No is interested to listen about humanity. Today no one is ready to follow originality. Now, almost everyone becomes the victims of artificiality and showy nature. Moreover, I am surviving with my parents, wife and children. I have responsibilities. I am the bread winner of my family. Only to keep my own principles. I cannot spare my family. I can never see my family being devastated.  Now, I have changed my genuine behavior to artificial one.
I sense it daily that every staffs of our company have invisible sign hanging right from there neck with the message that make me feel important.  And the funniest thing is that most of them are really bogus. They are not loyal to their work but even though many administrative powers lie with them. I am bound to show them false respect and amazing matter is that they are happy, let me correct myself, they are much happy with false exaggeration. Now, I give importance to each and every staffs or you can say all are important but all are not equal.
Here, I am completely professional. Now, I am friendly to each and every staffs but familiar to none. I never discuss nor indulge myself in any running discussion  which is talking about pros and cons of any employee of our own organization.  I have never opened myself before anyone and in future also. I never establish intimacy with any one nor let them to be intimated, because in profession and politics friendship and enmity does not long last. In profession no one is friend or enemy. I consider intimacy and closeness with the staffs of same organisation are energy vampires and deterioration of skills. I never give my personal opinion about any staff nor discuss about any staff with anyone. I remain neutral.
But I am very much honest with my work. I do my all work wholeheartedly. And the day will come when I will amount to much. Now my boss is happy with my work. My colleagues say that I am good staff and well behaved person. But you know something when I heard my colleagues appreciating our clients and uses superlative adjective as they get incentives from them, I feel really very bad and think to give them a tight slap. I lose my control when I see our male staffs passes negative comments on female staffs. My staffs appreciate film stars like anything but they cast ill treatment to fourth class employees. To make it more clear, everyday, we take bath to clean our body but we never introspect to clean our heart. Only being well dressed and highest paid is not symbolises humanity.
I have already stated that all are important but all are not equal. This does not mean one should be deprived of respect on the ground of his/her social status. They differentiate between haves and haves not. This is not the mankind. I admit that I am also a part of same but I am different. I give respect to everyone irrespective of their cast, creed, religion and social status. And whole of my life I will carry on it. Every day, I lose my originality but it is only for 8 hours rest 16 hours is completely mine. Whatever, I want to do with this hours, I am free to do. I give time to my talent to be sharp. So, that, I will go there, where I want to be.
Do you want to know my name, do you want to know my Company name, do you want to know my office address. If you want to know it at any means even though I will not tell you my name, because I am professional. If my boss come to see my original face then the next day only a well typed termination letter in a modest envelop will be rewarded to me, and that shock will not be absorbed neither by me nor by my family members. I have responsibilities. So, I am sorry dear reader. I will not tell you my name.